Roberto De Gregorio (joined lab June 2019)
Undergraduate Student at Brooklyn College (2021)
BS Major in Chemistry and BA in Philosophy Honors
Scientific Interests: Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry
Languages: English, Italian (Semi)
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Listening to music



Anton Khrystenko (joined lab January 2019)
Undergraduate student at Brooklyn College
BS Major in chemistry. Macaulay Honors at Brooklyn College
Awards: Nationally Ranked Swimmer in the United States
Scientific Interest: Trying to understand how anesthetics interact with the body
Language: English, Russian
Hobbies: Swimming, scuba-diving, PC gaming, and body-building


Kirill Miachin
 (Joined June 2016)
Undergraduate student at Brooklyn College (2020). BS Major in chemistry with a minor in biochemistry:
Awards: Davin Davidson Award Summer research fellowship (2017)
Seymour Richman Memorial Scholarship (2017)
Seymour Richman Memorial Scholarship (2018)
Brooklyn College Deans List (2016-present)
Scientific interests: Neuroscience, Cancer metabolism, Rational Drug design, Radiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry.
Languages Spoken: English and Russian.
Hobbies: I enjoy long walks under full moon by myself and to assign NMR peaks of complicated aromatic systems. To relax, I ride my bicycle everywhere around NYC either listening to a good audiobook or planning out future Lab experiments.



Arefa Yeasmin (joined lab June 2018)
Undergraduate student at Brooklyn College (2021)
BS Major in chemistry
Awards: Abraham Koblin Memorial Scholarship(2018)
Libby Kohls ‘41 Memorial Scholarship (2018)
Scientific interests: neurodegerative diseases, organometallic chemistry, quantum chemistry, study of biological markers, etc.
Languages: English, Bengali
Hobbies: Singing, acting, traveling, reading, teaching, watching movies, walking.