Sophia Kebadze (joined February 2023)
Undergraduate Student at Brooklyn College
BA Major in Chemistry
Minors in Biochemistry and Music
Scientific Interests: medicinal chemistry, cancer biology, chemotherapeutic drugs and forensic chemistry
Languages spoken: English and Russian


David Aini (Joined February 2023)
Pre-med student at Macaulay Honors Brooklyn College
BA major in Chemistry
Scientific Interests: Synthetic Chemistry, Neurobiology, Cancer biology
Languages: English, Hebrew
Hobbies: Reading, Piano, Biking



Fatima Aftab (joined lab January 2022)
Undergraduate Student at BC Coordinated B.A/M.D program (2024) and Scholars Program
B.S. Major in Biology and BA major in Psychology

Minors: Biochemistry and Neuroscience
Scientific Interest: Pathology, Pharmacology, Cancer metabolism and potential of metallodrugs as chemotherapeutics
Hobbies: reading, running, painting and tennis.


Aiman Hafeez (Joined January 2020)
Undergraduate Student at Brooklyn College (2022)
BS Major in Chemistry and BA in Biology
Awards: Macaulay Honors Scholarship (2018-2022), Brooklyn College Deans List (2018-present)
Scientific Interests: Cancer metabolism, medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry
LanguagesĀ spoken: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
Hobbies: cooking, reading, traveling